Dislike button for Facebook

Probably we all know the Facebook interface very well, and we also know about the Like button Facebook, which appears below almost any type of postings made on Facebook, let it be a status message, a photo, a link, a comment, the Like button is ubiquitous. The sole aim of Like button is to show your love to what others have posted on Facebook. However there is no Dislike button. I have seen people asking that why doesn’t Facebook have a Dislike button option. Well if you too wanted a Dislike button, here is something for you which can help you.

A Firefox add-on (Chrome Extension is also available) named as ‘Facebook Dislike’, installing this add-on will make a Dislike button available on any Facebook profile which you login to using the browser which has this add-on.

Dislike button for Facebook

If you Dislike something, it is updated to your profile in the same way as it shows when you like something, and this displays even if the viewer doesn’t have the add-on installed in his/her browser, have a look at the snapshot below.

Dislike button for Facebook with Firefox add-on and Chrome Extension

So, if you are looking for the dislike button, and want it on your profile, go ahead and install this add-on/extension to your browser.

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