Ditch Safari for these iPad Browsers

A computer user when switches to iPad and starts browsing, there are a lot of features it finds missing in the default Safari Browser. Downloading Files,  Multiple Tabs are some examples.  In this post I am listing down few browser apps for iPad which bridge this gap. For example some browser are very specific to search while some lets you draw and take snapshots. Most of them have multiple tabs and even WiFi Access to your downloads.Some browsers are ad-supported in its free version while some like Maven is absolutely brilliant.

So at the end it will your call to choose what fits your need and how you want to use it.  Read on!!

Maven :

  • Supports Multiple Tabs and Dual Window.
  • The Dual Window can have its own separate set of tabs each. Useful when you want to compare.
  • Bookmarks and Full Screen
  • Download Manager so you can export files when connected to a computer.
  • Brightness Control, Lock Rotation and change font size.
  • Allows to open in Safari, Mail Link or embed the page in the mail and includes translation support
  • Includes InPrivate Browsing with a single tap.
  • A Trackpad for scrolling large pages even more smoothly which can be disabled.
  • Change Default search engine.
  • Change Browser to behave as Chrome, Firefox, Safari on Mac OS X, IE or iPhone
  • Remember and Manage Passwords
  • On Page Search.

However this browser doesn’t have option to delete cookies, cache and browsing history. Though the last option can be completely turned off.

Maven Browser for iPadDownload

AIOBroswer :

This is another powerful browser like Maven with many more features :

  • Supports many file formats so you can play any file downloaded right there.
  • Includes an advance bookmark manager so you can arrange all your favorites under a different folder.
  • Lock down with password protection so nobody else can use it or use InPrivate Mode.
  • You can clear history and cookies.
  • True Full Screen view with multiple tabs.
  • Download Manager is pretty impressive. It lets you create folders and move downloaded files into them.

All in One Broswer for iPad

Download | Supported with Ads which you can upgrade to remove them

SuperProber :

A very useful and feature rich browser if you do a lot of research on web. It comes in free and paid versions.

  • Split Support within Tabs. Any link which you open gets into split section which is very useful for comparisons.
  • Draw on webpages. Useful if you want to point any issue or point to add new features. It works in Split mode.
  • Take Screenshots and save it to Photo Album.  This is the most unique feature.
  • Opera Like Speed Dial.
  • Multi Touch Gesture
  • Accelerometer support i.e. Shake to close tabs or switch tab by just rotating your iPad
  • Keyword Highlights supports multiple colors. This is per page basis.
  • Loading is fast like desktop browser because of asynchronous calls and heavy caching.
  • You can launch urls right from Safari Also.

SuperProber Browser for iPad


AdBlockWeb :

If you are visiting sites which have too many advertisement that you cannot just concentrate on the content, AdBlockWeb can block from 2500+ domains which server advertisements. Apart from that it can also block images, JavaScript, cookies, iframes etc. You can also white list domains which you trust so nothing gets blocked on them.

AdBlock Web Browser for iPad


Mercury :

The free version of this browser is limited to only three tabs but there are couple of features because of which I am giving it a mention here,

  • Theme Support
  • Integration with Dropbox.
  • File Previews for Images, PDF etc.
  • Integrated Download Manager which support simultaneous downloads. The downloaded files can be accessed over WiFi.
  • Gesture Support
  • Video can be sent to TV using AirPlay.
  • Quick Access to sites using Opera Like Quick Dial.

Mercury Broswer for iPad

Download | The free version is ad supported

Atomic Web Browser :

Similar to standard web browser but with some unique features

  • Export Bookmarks via email.
  • Install Bookmarklets
  • Includes a status bar
  • Tabs can be viewed like you do on desktop browsers or in list style.
  • Supports AirPrint

Atomic Web Broswer for iPad


Bing for iPad

Absolutely fantastic app which lets you search and browse the web though you will have to start with search first as there is no place to enter a url. It brings the power of Bing into iPad and support Maps, Movie Search, Weather etc in just one tab. Below is the video and read complete review here

Bing for iPad


Google Mobile App for iOS :

If you are a huge fan of Google, this app brings all the power of Google Account, Voice Search and support for specific types of searches like images, news etc. Read our complete review of this app here.

Google Mobile App for iPadDownload

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