Do the fastest copy in Windows with Fast Copy

Copying is a bit of problem in Windows when you have less of ram / memory and more of data ( i.e. 1-2 Gb or more ). Since Windows Copy program uses the MFC  classes,  chances are when you are doing a huge copy the machine will definitely get slow when you are low on resources.

Introducing  Fast Copy, a program which is said to be the fastest Copy/Delete Software on Windows. This program takes advantage over windows copy by using  only  Win32 API and C Runtime.

This program uses the funda of user defined Buffer copy which makes sure it had copied a defined amount of data before it starts writing.  So it reads and then write  again reads and then write.

FastCopy Intro
FastCopy Intro

However when you copy between 2 different harddisk it uses the parallale path concept and runs thow threads. One for opying and another for wirting. Since Writing is on different HDD the perfomance doesnt degrade.

I did a test run in which I copied data of 1 GB .

  • Using Windows it took 3 min 15 seconds
  • Using fast Copy with 32Mb buffer : 134.66 = 2 Min 14 seconds
  • Using fast copy with 128 MB  buffer : 125.27 sec = 2 Min 5 seconds
  • Using fast copy with 512 MB buffer : 128.85 sec = 2 min 8 seconds
Fast Copy with 32 Mb buffer
Fast Copy with 32 Mb buffer
Fast Copy with 256 Mb buffer
Fast Copy with 256 Mb buffer
Fast Copy with 512 Mb buffer
Fast Copy with 512 Mb buffer

Other Features :

  • You can do a DIFF [ No overwrite , Size / Data , Newer ]
  • Sync , Move  and Delete
  • You can verify and also find an estimate for the copy
  • Filter as you copy
  • Command Line is supported but if you want to make it portable the command line is lost.
  • Include/Exclude Filter (UNIX Wildcard style) can be specified.
  • It supports UNICODE and over MAX_PATH(260byte) pathname files.

Download FastCopy


  1. V. simple Comparison on a folder of video files from USB drive to NAS (100 Mb/s) … both apps at default settings

    fastCopy TotalTime = 2233.25 sec == 37’21”
    terraCopy Totaltime = 37’08”

    => difference ~= 13 seconds in 30 mins … negligible


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