Doing the Google Maps offline

Offline Maps is one the application at Codeoplex which needs a lot of appreciation, specially by Map Lovers. This application lets you download maps from Google or Open Street Maps  and then lets you mark, zoom, rip, draw paths and even tiles i.e. particular section of the map only. Also included is the GPS support which lets you find position, draw a trace route which is useful for travelers and then display it.

If this software can be taken to commercial level can turn to be a boon for developing custom travel maps etc by the travel industry.

You can download it from Codeplex and read in detail how to use it at the Authors Offline Maps Page


  1. i want to ask you how to open the maps offline
    folder which i saved from ripping i try to open it by clicking server and select folder , take tile as map , then zomming factor , then type location and click enter but i didn’t see any thing
    is these steps is right if it is wrong could you explain to me how to work offline
    you also said when i save page in geocoder (set as home) i can get it when i am offline by clicking go to geocoder but programme didn’t go to page i saved please help me at these points
    also i want to ask how i can get bit map


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