Doodle the Google Maps with Scribble

Google Maps is one of the best ways to plan your travel specially in India where direction sense has grown to landmarks pointers. However if you want to do something on top of it doesn’t workout easily, such as if I want to mark a set of region, or draw a line between points and write on it and share it with my friend you can’t do it.

Scribble Maps as it says is a Google Map based system which allows you to do all scribble works or call it Doodle on Google Maps stuff but not just playing it off it helps you make your travel plan better and effective in collaborative environment.

Scribble Maps
Scribble Maps

Features :

  • Draw shapes and Sciibble!
  • Add Custom imges and Overlays
  • Place Text
  • Place Markers
  • Create custom widgets
  • Export to Goole My maps.
  • Export to Goole Earth.
  • Save as KML/GPX/JPG
  • Create 3D JPEG and Widgets
  • Send Maps to Friends
  • Print


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