Doodle on Google Maps : Draw your way

Google maps is one of the most recommended services for maps. Since the API is open for all, there are lot of services which allows you to customize them and Quick Map is one of them.What makes it stand out of others is the Doodle which you can use it over any map.

You can draw, put markers, custom messages and save it to embed in any where you want. This makes it a perfect solution for people who want to go on trip, tracking, gold hunting games etc. In fact you can even make your own map a lot better because you can add so many custom messages for it.

Like I was talking about customization, you can see the set of markers line tools, labels and adding custom title and information about it. In case you want to use it more often, sign up with them. This makes it easy for to edit the maps again else you would not get an map which can be edited at later point of time.


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