Double View : Watch Videos on Transparent background

If you are too busy with work at home or office and you need to watch a video along with that, it becomes difficult and at the end you need to choose between and work always comes first. I remember Windows Media player has one feature which lets you watch the video being played in a small window which runs on your taskbar.

That’s a good option but you don’t get the real feeling and you cant see very clearly either. This is where you need Double Vision, a browser alternative which allows you to watch video surf online on a transparent background i.e. You can watch the video and can work along with it. Its more like a embedded video on your monitor. Here is small animation for you

Watch Video on a transparent layer
Watch Video on a transparent layer

Double vision is a free software which is easy to install and use. It has its own inbuilt browser where you can type in any URL and see it. However this will be most useful for viewing something in background. You can always switch between transparent view and normal view. A ctrl + esc can mute the sound and a alider lets you control the transparency amount. Check out Double Vision


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