Download 20 Funky Firefox Extensions you dont want to miss

Here are 20 funky Firefox Extensions that you don’t want to miss. They are not only funky but useful too. Addons like Tab Scope, speed dial, showcase, smart link, and others will make your internet surfing too easy. The best of all is Firebug which allows you to take a sneak peek into any sites HTML and find out how the site is designed. Makes life a lot easier.

  1. Tab Effect – adds a 3D cube transitional effect while switching tabs. It uses Direct X and is only compatible with Windows.
  2. Tab Scope – displays a real-time thumbnail preview of a webpage when you hover over its tab. You can zoom in to the thumbnail, navigate to links from inside the thumbnail itself.
  3. Fission – puts the progress bar inside the address bar Safari style. Changing the progress bar’s color is also possible.
  4. ChromaTabs – colors tabs on Firefox based on a website’s hostname. A similar extension is ColorfulTabs.
  5. AgingTabs – highlights the selected tab and makes unused tabs fade with time.
  6. Tab Mix Plus – is a must-have Firefox addon that can let you manage tabs easily. Tens of features are available and you gotta grab this one.
  7. Speed Dial – can help you quickly access your most visited browsers in Opera style.
  8. Showcase – shows the thumbnails of all open tabs in a single place – be it on a tab, a window or a sidebar for easy management of open tabs.
  9. Faviconize Tab – reduces a tab’s with to accommodate only the favicon
  10. LocationBar – parses the URL of a web page, adds the ability to navigate around a domain’s directories – go up a level and down.
  11. HighlightAll – highlights all occurrences of the selected text in a web page. Stylish – allows you tweak the style of webpages easily, and this site has a large base of user-created styles for you to use.
  12. FoxyTunes – lets you control your media player from inside Firefox.
  13. Smart Link – makes plain text URLs clickable.
  14. DocuFarm – can preview any PDF, PPT, DOC files, etc. preserving their original format.
  15. Mouse Gestures – control Firefox by cursor movements.
  16. PageAddict – displays a summary of how much time you spent on each website along with a graph.
  17. SmileyXtra – can easily insert smileys into blog posts, forums etc.
  18. Coolris Previews – previews a web page’s content when you hover over a link, and lets you instantly share them with others.
  19. FullerScreen – removes tabs and toolbars from the F11 Full screen preview.
  20. Firebug – filled with web development tools for you to use.

Hope you’ll enjoy having these addons on Firefox.

This post was written by Shankar Ganesh of Tech Blog. For more such articles, do check out his blog.


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