Download 3D Virtual Desktop for windows XP and Vista

3D Virtual Desktop is cool small program which doesn’t require even a installation and lets you manage 4 desktop in 3d Environment. You can rotate it left or right and can have 4 desktop with as many programs opened. You just have to download and unzip it. Then run the “YouDm 3d” to start the service. You might not get any effect when you just click it. You need to set some of the settings and then use the hot keys to move your windows in and out and rotate to chose another desktop.!!! We have 4 options here (Scroll down to see all the details )

3D Virtual Desktop

3D Virtual Desktop

You will have to use the hot keys like ctrl and shit so that you can rotate around the desktops. Here is the configuration screen. Don’t forget to choose your language when you start the screen. This can also be configured to start with windows.

3d desktop configuration

You can also choose to use anti aliasing feature and your graphics hardware to be used or not. It will depend on you hardware. Right now , my screen becomes little blurred when i rotate it but thats it. Thats not a problem.

Download 3D virtual Dekstop Manager ( Not availble, Any more )

CubeDesktop 6 : 3d Desktops with individual wallpapers and desktop icons:


  1. 5 awesome ways to preview and switch between desktops.
  2. Set personalized backgrounds and 360º panoramic directions
  3. For both Windows XP and Vista users
  4. Independent Wallpapers and Desktop Icons for every desktop.
  5. A live preview of what’s happening

Hope you have fun with this small software, You can also Check out Vista Tips and Tweaks or If you are a XP user  XP tweaks or Get The Vista looks on XP user read. Hope you have fun with this small software


  1. inded, that is amazing desktop. i like it but i can’t find trial version of this software so if you know please sebd me link location to download trial version of this software. ok… i hope this program always to update.

    Why did you take it down?
    (I came just for the LIVE PREVIEWS which i’ve not been able to find ANYWHERE

  3. Hi, pls bring it back, i’ve wanted the program for quite a long time. I’d appreciate it very much if u could. Thank you.

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