Download Amazing Windows 7 high definition theme pack

Redmond Pie based on the work of Zawir Rahim @ DeviantArt had created 14 amazing Windows 7 theme pack  with  High definition wallpapers. These themes comes into multiple color flavors of Windows 7 Ultimate and Boxart of 7.

Windows 7 high definition theme pack

Windows 7 high definition theme pack

If you be interested to make a personal windows 7 theme like this, read out tutorial on How to create and share windows 7 themes.

You can download the Theme pack from here and visit Redmond’s page here Via Channel 10

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  1. Hi can someone show me How to install “Windows 7 Ultimate Theme Pack” for Vista ? Thank in Advanve sorry my english

  2. hi there!!!
    well i can’t install it.
    i don’t know how to.
    can someone help me plzzzzz…

  3. Hi, can anyone tell me how to use this themes, because this file types are not supported in Windows XP….

  4. can anybody tell me ,how to install the windows 7 themes in xp sp2.

  5. Just download, unzip, and double-click on the file, right? They all worked for me, but it looks like Windows 7 is required…

  6. I have an application written in VB5-Pro which uses a simple database. After transitions from Windows 95 to Windows XP I have a problem under Windows 7. At the line defining the Working Space the Numega Failsafe reports “Object variable or With Block variable is not set” Can you throw a little light on this inconsistency and how it might be avoided.
    Alan Smith

  7. but here is not download button to download plz help us

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