Download Amazing Windows 7 high definition theme pack

Redmond Pie based on the work of Zawir Rahim @ DeviantArt had created 14 amazing Windows 7 theme pack  with  High definition wallpapers. These themes comes into multiple color flavors of Windows 7 Ultimate and Boxart of 7.

Windows 7 high definition theme pack
Windows 7 high definition theme pack

If you be interested to make a personal windows 7 theme like this, read out tutorial on How to create and share windows 7 themes.

You can download the Theme pack from here and visit Redmond’s page here Via Channel 10

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  1. Hi can someone show me How to install “Windows 7 Ultimate Theme Pack” for Vista ? Thank in Advanve sorry my english

  2. Just download, unzip, and double-click on the file, right? They all worked for me, but it looks like Windows 7 is required…

  3. I have an application written in VB5-Pro which uses a simple database. After transitions from Windows 95 to Windows XP I have a problem under Windows 7. At the line defining the Working Space the Numega Failsafe reports “Object variable or With Block variable is not set” Can you throw a little light on this inconsistency and how it might be avoided.
    Alan Smith


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