Download Anti Terrorism Wallpapers on Mumbai Terror Attack

A terror attack on Mumbai took place on November 26, 2008, and has not been fully ceased as yet; four top cops of Maharashtra Police were killed during this attack apart from, more than 100 others who lost their life during this attack.

While browsing for news and updates about this attack, I thought of looking for some Anti Terrorism wallpapers to put it on my desktop. I found this and sharing with you. Download them and keep the fire alive against terrorism.

All Images had been linked to source. Click and download.

Terrorism at Mumbai Taj Hotel : Wo wont stand it again

Indian Fist against Terrorism

Terrorism has no religion : It is killing humanity

Prevention of terrorism is better than fighting it

Terrorism and Ignorance againts the innocent

Terrorism : United we stand against it

Terrorism No body wins

Terrorism Who does it



  1. terrorism is the curse for a human.
    a terrorist has no religion.

    pls stop this nonsense terrorist activity and enjoy your life as u want.


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