Download Black Ops 2 High Resolution Wallpaper (Official)

Black Ops 2, from COD,  is announced to be released this November and it seems its completely a different game and has upgraded itself to compete with games like Mass Effect 3,  Halo etc. While I had been watching the trailer over and over to find what are the new aspects of the game,  Official pictures from Call Of Duty guys who have already released it showcasing

  • Quadrotor  which carries light weight machine gun and can be controlled remotely.
  • Claw, the baby elephant like tank with a grande launcher in the front.
  • Harper
  • Los Angeles View of war.

Now the official wallpaper is out, I am expecting Microsoft should come up with Official Black Op2 Theme for Windows 7. Download the wallpaper from here

Claw Black Op2



 In case you are not aware Black Ops2 brings in totally new view to the game by adding Robotics, Option for player to change the course and how the game ends and Strike Force mode which allows you to control the drones, Quadrotor  and attack the enemies.

Official trailer of Black Ops 2

Watch on YouTube


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