Download BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife ( BBSK)

BlackBerry comes along with Official BlackBerry Desktop Manager which can be used to almost anything with your blackberry phone but if you want to try out something cooler, check the BBSK app developed by Rim Geeks which is not only simple but pretty much straight on doing stuff.

You can do the below mentioned things with your blackberry :

  • Backup / Restore All applications.
  • Wipe the device completely.
  • Load OS.
  • Install / Load and Remove COD’s
  • There is an interesting JAD maker availble which allows you to add multiple cods and then lets you install it in one shot. Very useful for custom applications.
  • Take Screenshots of the phone screen.
  • Make a factory reset.
  • Dump the phone completely.

Download the application from here but you will have to register to download the application.

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