Download DB Visualizer 6.0 with Vista Support

Looking for a tool which allows you to access any type of database ? Then DB Visualizer 6.0 is the best solution available which not only gives you freedom from accessing individual databases screen but enhanced features like table Data Editor multi threading support. I work on 2 to 3 databases like Oracle, Sql Server and sometimes on MySql for understanding WordPress. table structure and with this I am now able to manage all the databases at one go. At least this helps me out if I want to work on multi-database projects at home to learn something new.

Features of DB Visualizer 6.0

  • Supports wide range of databases like DB2* (Win/Linux) ,Informix IDS* ,Mimer*
    JavaDB/Derby* ,MySQL* ,Oracle* ,PostgreSQL* ,SQL Server* ,Sybase ASE* and many more.
  • Windows Vista Compatible.
  • Support for Java 1.6 and DB2 version 9.
  • Allows Multiple column sorts and priting of selected rows.
  • Table Data Navigator

Interested to know more ? Visit the Feature link for DB Visualizer 6.0 to know more. If you are convinced with the features download it else continue reading to know more.

DB Visualizer
DB Visualizer 2

System Requirement for DbVisualizer:-

  • Supports Vista, windows, ubuntu, linux and mac.
  • DbVisualizer requires a minimum of Java 1.5 and supports Java 1.6
  • You don’t need a very high configuration but I would recommend a 256 MB minimum ram which is commonly found these days.

Interested in knowing more about databases. Check out my series on Database Bulls of Info storage on

  • MySql and PostgreSql
  • Ingres and Firebird
  • Oracle and IBM DB2

Here are the images to gives you a better idea. Click on them to  get an enlarger view. For more details you can visit the main site itself. So what is the database tool you are using ? Share with us in comments.

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