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E-books are much in demand now, everybody wants to grab free e-books, a couple of days back when Tushar came up with a post telling about a site for downloading free e-books, even I was willing to find one which has some reviews on it. Today I too found a site for same purpose, is the URL for the site I am talking about.

Certainly the free feature here inspired me to write about this site, but one more feature which is quite attracting in this site is, each downloadable book has a short review with a description of what all can be learnt and known from the book.

Links are given within the posted reviews of books, and some links which need a password are given with passwords as well. This site has huge huge collections of books (in thousands), of every field, like programming, .net and many others like Algebra, Science, Politics, GRE, TOEFL, MAC, XP Health etc.

However there are few concerns I would like to express :

  • Though you can download the book all the books  but we are not sure if they are legal as there is no declaration from the site owner how he has got these books.
  • The links should be working but its on rapidsahre. So if some books are not downloaded for long time the link might have got removed.

So don’t think much now, go ahead and grab your copies.


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