Download Free Blackberry Weight Loss Assistant

If you have already planned to start loosing weight, Weight Loss NYC  Center has released a free Blackberry Application which lets you find the details of  calorie and Nutritional Information on Popular Food Items inside your food. For example if you are planning to eat bread  you can find how much calorie each food is carrying. Here are the screenshots :

BB weight loss screen

BB weight loss search result

BB weight loss item details

This application also calculates you health risk by finding your BMI or body Mass index ratio. You will need to key in your height and weight, so if you want to know what should be your exact weight you can try finding what combination of weight gives your normal BMI.

The best part of this application is that it works over Wi-Fi also. You don’t need a complete or partial BIS plan on your Blackberry mobile.  Find more about it and download  directly from your BlackBerry Mobile. Happy Weight Loosing 🙂


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