Download Free E book on Office 2010

If you are still thinking on buying Office 2010, here is another chance for you. MS Press is giving you access to download a copy of book titled First Look Office 2010 absolutely free. The size of the book is 10MB so make sure you hit it as soon as you read this.

First look office 2010These are the following chapters available in Office 2010:

  1. Welcome to Office 2010
  2. Express Yourself Effectively and Efficiently
  3. Collaborate in the Office and Around the World
  4. Create and Share Compelling Documents with Word 2010
  5. Create Smart Data Insights with Excel 2010
  6. Manage Rich Communications with Outlook 2010
  7. Produce Dynamic Presentations with PowerPoint 2010
  8. Organize, Store, and Share Ideas with One Note 2010
  9. Collaborate Effectively with Share Point Work space 2010
  10. Create Effective Marketing Materials with Publisher 2010
  11. Make Sense of Your Data with Access 2010
  12. Putting It All Together
  13. Security in Office 2010
  14. Training Made Easy

Whats the use of the book if you dont have the software ? Worry not, Office 2010 beta is available for download and will be valid till October 2010, You can download a copy from here.

You can  peak into the details of tutorial which we wrote on office 2010 giving you hands on review which would compel you buy office 2010 if you are big time Office user, including set of reasons on Microsoft Office 2010 : Why you should buy ?.

Go grab your pdf from here


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