Download Free iPad App to play Guitar

If you do not want to buy a real Guitar but still would love to play it, Classical Guitar is a free iPad app which lets you play guitar on your iPad. You can play this by holding like a real one and beat the cords. The main features of this app are :

  • You can configure the cord sets
  • Hold it the way you want, top, side, and fretboard. Fretboard gives you the feel of real guitar.
  • It also supports left hand play.
  • By default it plucks automatically, in case you do not want that it can be turned off.


Classical Guitar

Edit Cords of Classical Guitar

The best part is that is free and even if you do not know how to play one you can still try on your iPad. Overall the app is awesome but the sound level is bit low and sounds good if you play it in a less noisy place. Download from here.


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