Download free Textures

Love Textures is an awesome online resource for downloading free textures. Textures can be used on websites for better looks; moreover if you are a WordPress user you can customize the themes for the looks using textures.

For example the desk-mess theme you can replace the bg.jpg file with any texture to get a different look for the same theme. Simply get a texture resize it to the same resolution as of already existing bg.jpg and rename it, and paste in the ‘images’ folder.

Love Textures has around 185 textures, you are free to use them for you, on your website or maybe you want to make them your desktop wallpaper.

There are ways to browse through the textures available on this website, you can either choose to browse and see textures by colors, or secondly using the categories, or by the tags.

So, go ahead and use this resource, enhance the looks of your website, or whatever you want to do with them. Visit Love Textures


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