Download Free and Powerful CSV Editor ( Supports UniCode )

CSV or comma separated values are one of the most commonly used formats used to import export various databases or even contact list from outlook for example.  Though lightweight, CSV files are toughest to edit because of plain text format and when you plan to import in another application which does not support the separator used there you get stuck.

CSVEd is a free and  powerful CSV file editor which helps you in managing CSV files. You will love this CSV editor if you deal with CSV files heavily.

CSVed opens your Csv files and displays in form of columns with look and feel very close to Excel. This makes it really easy for you to edit the values inside.

CSV Ed Overview

Here is the list of features :

#1 Easy Column Navigation which is similar to Word 2010 Navigation Feature. This makes it easy for you switch between different heading. You can even move to any row number.

CSVed Navigation

#2 Clipboard support makes it easy for you to copy the entire file or save it as new file. You can even save this as new list and start editing into a different file.

CSV Ed Clipboard

# 3 Change separator in one click.  You can also edit, add, delete  and insert new items without worrying much about separator issue. This change can be applied for all single or multiple columns.

CSV Ed Separator Operations

#4 Special support for changing date format. You can switch between various formats easily.

#5 Columns can be moved from left to right and switched between each other. You can change column values if the default values are odd. The columns can also be joined or split depending on different criteria like text, numeric etc.

CSvEd Join and Split

Other Features of CSV Ed File Editor :

  • Add remove Leading Zero,
  • Add remove Prefix and Suffix,
  • Duplicate finder
  • Search and replace
  • Support for XML.
  • Managing Fix length for each column.
  • Sort based on numerical or alphabetical criteria.

All these menus can be accessed with the quick navigation feature which is built in tree structure format making it easy for you to quickly switching to what you are looking for.

Overall user interface is very easy to use. This application is very clear and does what it says.  Being free of cost this is the most powerful CSV editor we had seen yet.There is another version of CSV editor which supports Unicode making it easy to be used for languages like Chinese or Japanese. | Download


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