Download Free Windows XP themes and styles

Free Windows XP Themes are always what people look to download. Few best desktop themes for Windows XP are available which you can download and apply using Style XP  Window Blinds installed to apply these themes. It will help you in customizing your Windows with new themes.

Download Free Windows XP themes and styles

Here is the list of amazing visual styles and free XP themes download for Windows XP that’s sure to give your desktop some fresh looks. Here are my favorites Windows XP Themes which you can download

  • Windows 8 theme
  • Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows XP
  • Chromes for XP: A windows Xp  theme for Google Chrome Fans
  • SevenXP 3.0: Windows 7 Theme for Windows X
  • iCandy Windows XP Theme
  • YrgenStyle 5 Windows XP Theme
  • Love 8 Bit XP theme
  • Apple Theme by XP Killer
  • Engage  Theme by glossy
Live Tiles Theme which simulates Windows 8 UI :

“Royale” or “Energy Blue” or “Media Center” Theme : 

Royale Theme XP


Login Screen for Windows XP

Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows XP
Windows 7 Login Screen for Windows XP


“Royale Noir” Theme

Royale Noir Theme XP


Engaged by iliKeit

World Map Xp styles
Engage XP themes and Styles


Apple Theme by XP Killer

apple style theme xp
Apple XP themes and Styles

Download Apple Theme

Zune Theme for Windows XP

Zune Theme XP
Zune Theme XP


Love 8 Bit XP theme

Download Free Windows XP Themes
Love 8-bit Windows XP theme


“Embedded” Theme :

Embedded Theme XP
Embedded Theme XP


YrgenStyle 5 Windows XP Theme

Windows xp themes : Golden Wallpaper
Windows xp themes: Golden Wallpaper


iCandy Windows XP Theme

iCandy windows xp themes
iCandy windows xp themes

If you are looking for Windows Vista Themes, try this or Try Windows 7 latest Themes here. Thanks to Baron for finding these styles.

SevenXP 3.0: Windows 7 Theme for Windows XP.

With Windows 7 type of  taskbar, or Superbar and comes in 5 different colors

Windows 7 Theme for Windows Xp
Windows 7 theme for Windows XP


Chromes for XP:

A windows Xp  theme for Google Chrome Fans

Chrome Theme for Windows XP
Chrome Theme for Windows XP


Windows 7 Clearglass Skin for Windowblinds XP

Windows 7 Clearglass Skin for Windowblinds XP
Windows 7 theme Skin for Windows Blinds XP


  1. can any1 tell me how i can get the pinguin as my background? just got got the theme but i dont get the cute pinguin as wallpaper:< pls help me

  2. dude, you need to download stylexp first to even be able to have the themes. just go to google and search download stylexp. not that hard..

  3. All you have to do is install “Style XP”
    Open it and select “Themes”
    Once you have downloaded the theme from this website,
    save it somewhere then on style xp click “add new theme”
    it will let you browse, then just find the theme you saved
    and click on it…
    PS. A theme used once will be save on style Xp for further use.

  4. I need help!!!!
    My style xp trial has run out and i dont
    want to buy it,
    does anyone know what other programmes i
    could use?
    I’d really appreciate it!

  5. something happened while i was online and my standard windows xp theme was modified to look like classic. Now I have two classics and no standard where do i get the standard windows xp theme from? I have been searching for so long!

  6. You forgot to include a “*.theme” file. How do you expect this to work if there is no theme file?

  7. can you please make any theme which does not require uxtheme software because uxtheme slows my computer.

  8. oh cmon cant you guys read? youve got the have the “XPSTYLE” SOFTWARE which stated is a trial period download. you then have to download the them get XPSTYLE to install it..or you can just read the help on this or the help file on xpstyle if you cant get it…how smart do you have to be to read the help sections of apps?…clearly smarter then the latter of you who don’t know how to read……………….

  9. Hi guys..

    I need some help about Xpstyle i have install it but its just say that its doesnt support my version and then i check for updates but i’ve already got the latest.. plzz help me

  10. what if the theme i downloaded here is a .rar file? when i open my stylexp and search for the theme(with the .rar file), it wont show up… HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  11. i thing u need a change i like your theme but some theme are i have a all ready so you and we need a new speedly,most supported and we can understand theme. so,do it

  12. hey there..

    i really need help.

    its my first time to have desktop themes.

    i downloaded style xp.

    but when im going to enable it,it always says that style xp does not work in the version of my xp,,what will i do?

    really need your help as soon as possible.


  13. hehehehe LAWLZ


    if your StyleXP doesn’t work, DL a different one.

    Torrents are one of the single most handy things on this whole internet thingy.

    seriously, don’t people read previous comments?

    i mean, that “GERALD” guy that commented above has the right amount of goo inside that head of his.

    props for that, gerald, p4Wn 0n My Friend

  14. Your themes are awesome..
    I wanna install these themes in my office PC, but there is no style Xp with me.. Is there any theme which can be installed without the need of style xp????

  15. i don’t know how to apply themes…………i usually download them but unable to apply……….could anyone tell me how to apply them

  16. i don’t know how to apply themes…………i usually download them but unable to apply……….could anyone tell me how to apply them

  17. great……..fantastic….nice….amazing…..taht’s the end of the words….i have nothing more….
    thanks bro…inform me if you have any new…

  18. I’ts verry stupid because i don’t know how to apply themes.I want a change my computer desktop look, then i want to inspiration themes to change the look of my pc.I cant download themes it open the same page again when i click on a link help me i need icandy theme.How do you use it?Can someone help me please!!

  19. Man plss i download it and i have some pictures and to much thinks can someone help me i have setup but here is nothing man PC says me “do you want open it with Internet Explorer or PC programs!?” how i can fix it and make to all works fine???pls help man,i download Clearglass styletheme plsss help me…

  20. hai, the themes are very good and you have done a great job .can u say how ur working on this(if u r not having any prblm)

  21. i have installed style xp on my pc.and got panther theme how can i change the theme to that of pls help 🙂 🙁 😛 :*

  22. how can i apply the theme after i download it..?
    the file is RAR file,it is suppose to be windows theme file rite..?
    help me please..

  23. how can i apply this theme after download please help me
    i try alot and many time please help me any one….

  24. hi, i have gone through this site and its amazing, i tried to download and install it. but i cant get it to work, i have also downloaded the stylexp but it says it does not support my pc.
    can anyone help please.thanks

  25. u guyzz really hav awesome themes i luvd them….specially the last one….come on guyz m expecting some more themes online frm here….so hoping positive response frm u all…

  26. really awesome themes.. it didnt take too muxh time to find this site and took much less time to download and install.. 🙂

  27. Hei.. Question…
    Do You Really Need Windows Blinds or Style XP to install these themes?
    No Other way to install themes directly through Desktop/Properties/Themes?

  28. hai….
    all themes is totally cool…i dont instal it yets on my pc….
    but i hope it will work on my windows xp…

  29. need to Download it..

    Save it Using Winrar..

    extract it to my documents..

    go to >> my documents

    Click the theme..and install it..

    go to the desktop..

    right click + properties + Themes

    then choose the themes you have been downloaded.. it works!! 🙂

  30. your themes are well but some themes using the third party software so it is not good please provide only themes files

  31. make more themes just like that cool win 7 theme& thanks for the theme for modifying my windows really it was awesome

  32. hello how are you all? if any one have the new themes for windows xp that change win xp into loking like win 7 or mac or etc so plz kindly snd me on my email address as mention ([email protected])

  33. hiiiiiii…guys…the themes are really best and u can easily install all these themas on u r xp…….i loved these sites very much…and zune and windows seven are really too goooooood thesmes for xp….

  34. Hi All

    Indeed, i’m unable to download the themes from divantart
    site and ask somebody to help me and others by uploading
    the themes in rapidshare or mediafire plz ?

    Thanks in advance


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