Download Free Winter Windows 7 Themes

Winter is here and its time to revamp your desktop to have some cool Windows 7 Themes just made for winter. Below I have listed few Free Windows 7 Themes for Winter which have snowboarding to Snow laden trees to roads in wallpapers. It also includes Christmas Theme including a cartoonist theme.

Winter Sports Theme :

These themes are from official Samsung Winter Sports and is compiled as Windows 7 Theme with stunning moments of snowboarding

Windows 7 Sports ThemeDownload

Winter Fun Theme for Windows 7

This theme will take you completely into winters even if it has not started in your place or never does. Absolutely lovable pictures

Windows 7 Winter Fun ThemeDownload

Cartoon Christmas Theme for Windows 7

There are two themes here which have evil and happy part of Christmas featuring Santa .

Windows 7 Christmas Cartoon Theme

Download First and Second

Snow Horses Windows 7 Theme :

If you love animal themes, Snow Horses theme is for you. It features horses running through thick snow.

Windows 7 Snow Horses Theme


The Czech Winter :

This theme has wallpapers shot on real snowy roads, mountains and completely snow-covered regions.

Winter Roads Windows 7 Theme


Winter Theme Pack :

This theme pack have wallpapers mostly of snow-covered houses and mountains. You will love it

Windows 7 Winter Houses


Winter Scenery  Windows 7 Theme

This theme has a collection of wallpapers of  scenery from different areas, houses, mountains and lakes. 24 wallpapers in high-resolution.

Windows 7 Winter Scenes


Windows 7 Christmas Theme

Windows 7 Christmas Theme



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