Download IE 9 with HTML 5 Support [ Preview ]

IE 9 has been already announced in Mix and Microsoft is now giving users to test drive to find out how it works for you and how much your sites are compatible with IE 9 with HTML 5,CSS3 and SVG2 standards support. This way you can find the new capabilities IE 9 can deliver for you.

IE 9 Preview
IE 9 Preview

Once you download the IE 9 Preview, You can open any webpage and see the HTML 5,CSS3 and SVG2 effects. Since this is just a preview all you get to see is Pages and use the Debugging Mode to preview your page in IE 5, IE 7, IE 8 and IE 9 Mode. This will help you make sure the backward compatibility to non HTML 5 browsers. There is also a Debug tool for developers.

IE 9 Preview
IE 9 Modes
IE 9 Modes

Tips :

  • You can create shortcut to common pages which should be like “C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer Platform Preview\iepreview.exe”” for example.
  • When updating the Target field for 64-bit systems, it should appear as: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer Platform Preview\iepreview.exe”

KeyBoard Shortcuts :

  • Ctrl + O: Open a webpage
  • F5: Refresh
  • F10: Home
  • F12: Developer Toolbar
  • Alt + 5: Force IE5 rendering mode
  • Alt + 7: Force IE7 rendering mode
  • Alt + 8: Force IE8 rendering mode
  • Alt + 9: Force IE9 rendering mode
  • Alt + 0: Reset Document Mode to the page default
  • Ctrl +/-: zoom in and out
  • Alt + ?: Help
  • Ctrl + S: Save Webpage As…
  • Alt + /: About

Developers Tool :

IE 9 Debug tool
IE 9 Debug tool

You can download IE 9 Preview from here and report back your experience.


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