Download Images on Bing Home Page

I was checking out the post by sarahintampa on Channel 10 where she talked about Bing Wallpaper tricks and had explained how to download the image what Bing Home page that changes every day.

In Firefox the show image or save image or set as background image doesnt show up on right click. So the best way to download Bing Home page images would be

  • Tools > Page Info > Media  and Here you can see all the images loaded and just right click and save.
  • I have talked more on this How to quickly save all the images ( and other media ) of a web page using Firefox 3

Save Images on Bing

In IE I am seeing the image actually can be downloaded with just a right click.

And yeah Bing has got Wallpaper changer ( Details here ) but this is US ONLY feature. I wonder.


  1. I am able to download the images on Bing’s homepage in Firefox by right-clicking and then clicking “View Background Image.” From there, it’s a simple matter of dragging the image into an open folder. This works for most background images on web pages. See a pic you like? Drag it!


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