Download iTunes Filter: Create Play list that suits your mood

You want romantic music to run on your iPod and it plays “rock”, We all face this situation when we use shuffle mode. Another way is to create a playlist manually but who has so much of time with ever-growing iTunes music list. So what’s the other solution: Use this software called “The Filter”. This can create a playlist which just suits your mood in no time. Before we download this free tool, let’s get to know about it

What is “The Filter”?

It’s a free download software which can make a playlist from your iTunes library in no time and according to what you want.

How “The Filter Works”?

All you need is to tip this free software with one or two songs which suit your mood. Then it reads the “information” or the meta part of the song to understand what type of song it is ( like rock, romantic, etc). Then it does some smart work, searches all your iTunes library with songs having the same kind of information. Then create a playlist for you. You are done. You can just upload it to your iPod now and play it!!!.

Filter Play list in Ipod

How Does The Filter work with an iPod?

This is the feature I was also looking for, The iPod Refresher function will put an end to this frustration by creating playlists for specific activities, such as getting to work or going to the gym. And what’s more, it can refresh those playlists each and every time you sync your iPod (or compatible player) to keep them from getting boring. This software needs Dot Net Framework 2.o which it will automatically download and is compatible with iTunes 6 and above. Check The FAQ Page for the Filter

Video Demo For “The Filter” Check out the cool and self-explained video for this software

Demo on How to use Itune Filter
Demo on How to use iTunes Filter

Download The Filter

The free download is available for :

  • Microsoft Windows iTunes Beta
  • Nokia Mobiles
  • MaciTunes Beta
  • Windows Media Player Alpha

PS: Itunes is vista compatible now, read “iTune is Vista Compatible”


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