Download Jelly Bean Keyboard for Android ICS

One of the major improvement bought into Android Jelly Bean was the keyboard which not only predicts much more accurately and has improved dictionary support but also has setup a good competition to the paid apps like SwiftKey.

Now for ICS users who have already installed following the last tutorial we found, Android 4.0.3 and above users can use the Jelly Bean Keyboard by downloading a ported version from Google Play.

Like I said its ported version, this also means that its not officially from Google and might have issues with supporting everything and probably every language.  I had installed on my Google Nexus S which has ICS and it works just fine. As a matter of fact I am big fan of the default keyboard but this even nicer.

Android Jellybean Keyboard

Once installed on your phone, you will need to change the default input which is under Settings > Language & Input. You will get a warning that its a third party app and hence it can collect data without your concern.

Apart from this the app comes in with settings like all the other keyboard which includes :

  • Auto Capitalization
  • Vibrate on Keypress
  • Sound  on keypress.
  • Popup on Keypress.
  • Voice Input Key
  • Next Word Prediction and Dictionary support.

Though I am seeing some users complaining about crash etc but that’s bound to happen and probably, we will need to wait for an update to fix it. Download from Google Play

Thanks Avinash for the Tip