Download Motor map of England, Scotland and Wales

Motorway Map of UK has  an excellent printable PDF version of Motor Map of England, Scotland and Wales which makes it easier for people traveling or staying in England easy to travel  on road. This work is is inspired bye the London Road Map

This is what he says about his map being distinct and more useful

Beck dispensed with basic geographic realism. He simplified the network by showing it in lines that were as straight as possible, all horizontal, vertical, or at 45°, with regular curves between them. He also placed the stations at regular intervals – in the real world, distances between stations vary from a few hundred yards to many miles – and used special symbols to mark interchanges. Colour coding of lines, and marking stations with small tags, had been done before. His diagram expanded the very complicated central area, and made the long branch lines to Essex and Buckinghamshire look correspondingly much shorter.

England Motor map
England Motor map

This map is updated frquently and was updated on Oct 2008. You can find more details here and Download the PDF from here


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