Download Official OS 5 for BlackBerry 8520 Released

This is a big news for BlackBerry 8520 owners like me who can install the Blackberry OS 5.X version which is release officially now. You can Download  from

BlackBerry OS 5 for 8520
BlackBerry OS 5 for 8520

I had been using a cracked version since few months so I am sure there are not much of pie for me but if you still have 4.6 on your 8520 this is going to be awesome upgrade for you. However keep an eye on BlackBerry App world application to see if it works on Wifi because for me it did not on os 5, not sure if it was because of the cracked version or it needs BIS.


  1. Hi i am just wondering, i have recently got a 8520 curve on contract, and im not sure if i can upgrade my operating system because of warranty etc… pls help 🙁

  2. i just updated my 8520 half an hour ago its perfect i have version…just restart it few times and it will run just perfectly

  3. please post instructions for getting os on phone after downloading. ive tried everything and cant get it right.

  4. i have bb 8520 and i have OS 4.6 when i try to update thy tell me there ios no abdate for this OS in the discktop manager and the same without mean when iu try to update using the os setup i romoved vendor.xml on my brother phone the same bb 8520 its work in mine not we have one defrence mine is from movistar my brother phone is from vodafone maybe movistar blocked this i don’t know there is any one have more information about this problem or have the solution plz contact me at [email protected] thanks a lot

  5. rishow, I have the same problem…
    my wife recently bought a BB8520 and get the same error when I try to install the OS v.5.0, I ‘ve try with the different installer downloaded from diferent sites… including a BES at my job…
    could be this a incluided feature in version 4.6?!
    some one know a solution?!

  6. d downloads takes time,sometimes the page dosnt load and d server here aiint guud….pls i nid help,av been off-Mobile for 5 days now.

  7. I got a blackberry 8520 and i cant download version 5.0 ive tryd everythn and i cant get it can u help please


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