Download Outlook Thread Compressor : Reduce Mail Size

Most of the people who forward or reply to group email or even talk back and forth have one problem in common. The amount of data in mail keeps on increasing as we just hit either to reply which by default carries the previous mail data.

Now in one way its necessary and useful as you dont have to again reopen the previous mail but still the size of your mailbox increases. For this we have one addon for outlook which can do this job which has been made public now.

Outlook Thread compressor does what it says. It compresses all your mails which has the situation which I had just decribed above.  This can reduce like 50% of the space in my opinion.

Thread Compressor : Clean your inbox

However there is only one drawback and warning which even the author gives. Once you had installed this addon in Outlook, it is set to compress by default and compress all your mails without asking. You will have to configure it once installed but it might just run a little faster.

I would suggest you to read the detailed post on OTC and download a copy with installation instruction right from there.


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