Download presentation,lectures the iTunesU way!!

Apple’s ItunesU or Itunes University is paving a path to get education easier and closer to the students with the power of ipod. Based on the concept of Itune stores, ItunesU now allows universities and schools to set up their own ItunesU site to . The process is simple, setup the ItunesU site and teachers can post their content they created in classes. Students can just download them and listen to them anywhere anytime.

This is what Apple says about ItunesU ny school can open all or part of its site to the public, from alumni to parents to anyone with a love of learning. iTunes U is transforming the way people learn on campus, off campus, and where there’s no campus at all.


iTunes U Education

According to apple there are already more then 500 schools participating in this using the service. Read the Itune U profiles of different colleges and school

  • Duke University
  • Stanford University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison

Itunes U can certainly create a big competition among the universities around US. With bigger universities adopting this feature we will be seeing the change in trend soon and apple might come with a cool ideas like DRM Free music

How can I create iTuneU for my school ?

Just follow the links

So what do you think ? Need an Itune U for your college, go and talk to the faculties they will surely listen to you !!!!

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