Download RDC 7.0 for Windows XP and Vista

Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 Client was initially rolled out for Windows 7 and Server 2008 with lots of new feature but that was not available to users who used to connect from XP or Vista to any of the above OS.  However according to the updates today they are also availble  for Windows XP and Vista users also. You can find details and download it from here

  • Web Single Sign-On (SSO) and Web forms-based authentication
  • Access to personal virtual desktops by using RD Connection Broker
  • Access to virtual desktop pools by using RD Connection Broker
  • Status & disconnect system tray icon
  • RD Gateway-based device redirection enforcement
  • RD Gateway system and logon messages
  • RD Gateway background authorization & authentication
  • RD Gateway idle & session time-outs
  • NAP remediation with RD Gateway
  • Windows Media Player redirection
  • Bidirectional audio
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Enhanced video playback


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