Download Risk BoardGame for iPad and here is why

Risk is one the most famous strategic boardgames which I used to play as a kid and now its available for iPad also.It is priced for 0.99 USD today against the standard price of 6.99 USD.

For those who are new to this game, This game is war game where you start with owning few countries on the world map with certain army strength. Next you need to attack you opponents by repositioning, forting, finding weaker posts of enemies and so on. Who wins the war for a post is decided by two factors :

  • What is your strength on the post.
  • Who gets max on Dice

Risk game for iPad

You can keep on attacking on your turn as long as you can but make sure you keep a good balance of army on all your post. This is the most addictive war game which sheds no blood and kids can still play them. Below is video demo : ( YouTube Link )

If you have more then one person willing to play, you can do pass n play or play it over wifi by hosting a game and your friends can join you there. Download from iTunes


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