Download transparent notepad for Windows

Glass Notepad, created by Theking9794, is the old notepad on which Aero theme has been applied. This way it looks closer to Vista and Windows 7 application than windows 98 family.

Glass Notepad

Apart from the sleeky look you also get an extra option of Insert menu there. This option can let you insert time. date or any special characters you want.

Also it ads the word count, letter count, column number, line number and mouse position display at  the bottom part of the glass notepad.

Glass notepad word, letter and line count

Download Glass Notepad Via  Addictive Tips

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  1. Try StNotepad, a Semitransparent Notepad, It has glasssy interface with opaque text. It works in XP and all themes also. It has option to change Opacity, background style and more. For more details visit .

  2. I was looking for a notepad with Multitouch feature, to edit text in tablet mode on muli-touch tablet PC. I found that StNotepad 2 got this feature with very common and useful getures. Now I can edit text only with fingers no need of keyboard, mouse and stylus also.

  3. Hi Pete, I came to that StNotepad is releasing as StNotepad Touch with multi-touch gestures for all text editing actions like cut, copy, paste, delete, space, backspace, enter, tab, undo, redo, selectall etc… For more information visit


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