Download Vista Transformation Pack 8 ( Latest)

Vista Transformation pack is used to transform your Windows XP to this nice Windows Vista It makes it look like Vista with its cool GUI. Its free to download and you just need to install it.

Some of the cool features of Vista Transformation pack are

  • CPU Speed information in Welcome Center
  • Saving setup information file to save setup configuration for later uses with unattended transformation support
  • Added TrueTransparency 0.8.5 (Glass border with ported AeroStyle skin)
  • Updated Welcome Center to pre-configure user account with system optimized option on the first run in that user account

You can  download

Main Mirror
– Alternate Mirror #1
Alternate Mirror #2
Alternate Mirror #3

. Here are the MDF checks you can see to make sure there is no corruption in files.

MD5 Hash (of RAR): BAE9BE5A5A6ABC5DBE477530F9734E7E
MD5 Hash (of EXE): 3FBD59F37BDFEC3CBC0C4776EE9B520F

Please check the file with MD5 Checker

Thanks to CypherHakz .Net for letting us know