Free Download Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak / Unlocker Application

We talked about Windows Phone 7 Jailbreak or Unlocker application sometimes back when Long Zheng pointed to function reference in Windows Phone 7 DLL, This now has ultimately converted to reality and he again points out to a new application which can JailBreak your Windows Phone 7 and let you install third-party application outside of Windows Phone 7 Market Place.

We did a poll on the same post where 66% voted that they will Jailbreak their Windows Phone 7 and now you got your first chance.

This application is named as ChevronWP7 and is released by Long Zheng along with Rafael Rivera and Chris Walsh and can be downloaded from the official ChevronWP7 Site. Make sure you keep track for latest updates there and also read the privacy terms stated there.

Windows Phone 7 jailbreak / unlocker application

You will need to have Windows Phone 7 Connected via USB and also have the Zune Software up and running with Device having full sync relationship with Zune. So here is the poll again, Will you jailbreak your windows phone 7 with an app already in place now.

[polldaddy poll=4079642]


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