Download Yahoo Messenger For Vista : Preview Release and 64 Bit

After a long await for Yahoo messenger for Vista coming soon, Finally a preview (pre-beta) release is  now available for users who are running a 64-bit version of Vista. Please go and download the latest version You can download it from Yahoo Messenger Vista page. This is the first Yahoo! Messenger built from the ground up for the Windows Vista operating system based on Windows Presentation Foundation. An overall features are:

  • Organize Conversations into tabs
  • Windows Sidebar Gadgets Integration
  • Enhanced Emoticons
  • Change the color of your IM windows with a built-in skin chooser

However One of the comments made on my earlier post said

Paul |

Yahoo messenger for vista (beta) has been released but I see no options there to use web cam or to join chat rooms? why couldn’t they make yahoo messenger 9.0 work with vista WITH sound! as i was getting sound from others in chat room but I was’nt able to make others hear myself.

Anbus |

It gives you about 6 different skins to choose from. And that’s it. No plug-ins to add, no chatroom options, no sound, you can’t send files, you can share photos, you can’t call another computer, can’t access your webcam… All you can do is IM people and that’s it. This version sucks. Don’t waste your time on it.

Josh Jacobson, Senior Product Manager, Yahoo! Messenger for Vista made the announcement today and he has also shared some photos from their launch event tonight. Many Congrats to them for a great work.!!

Download it now!

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    1. Hi am so sorry i bought the new windows vista computer you cant use a web cam and i used my cam a lot to my family away from here why the is go good it sucks your friends who have a cam cant get in vista will not let them……this was a big mistake……………nathalie

    2. @Nathalie : Its still not complete all I can say. yeah it sucks that web cam in yahoo messenger for vista is still yet to work.

    3. I am having problems with yahoo messenger 7.0 on my vista 64 bit system and I was led to believe that messenger 9 is the answer and a “fix” for my vista OS…so when may I expect messenger 9 to be ready and with out bugs for all systems including windows vista 64 bit systems?

    4. i want to download yahoo messenger for vista

    5. I want to download Yahoo messenger for Vista!!!

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