Dropbox for Business : Go Team!

Dropbox today gained another level by introducing a complete business solution which has features which fits best for companies or people working in a team. Below are the features :

  • DropBox for TeamStorage quotas are shared by the team and not bound to each account.
  • Control account access and billing from a single administrative account.
  • Complete User management system.
  • High level of security with automatic backup. More Details here

Coming to the most important part : Pricing

  • $795/year,
  • Five user licenses and 350GB of shared storage.
  • Additional user licenses for $125/year
  • Additional storage priced at $200 for 100GB/year.

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  1. It seems kind of expensive but I think that the automatic back-up may be the thing that will make many users and companies use this product. If you have your own small company I don’t know if it is worth it.


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