Use Dropbox as Portable App Container to use apps anywhere you want

Most of us, use the same application on every computer we use. For example if you use Gtalk or Yahoo Messenger you install it on both computer and if you change your settings like password or theme in one, you go and change manually on the other.

Cameyo gives you a solution to get rid of this duplicated situations and instead virtualize all your apps in such a manner that you install it one place and use it anywhere you like and

If you are a heavy user of Dropbox and all your computer have it and synced, you would definitively  love the idea of unified installation .

What does this app does :

First it takes a System Snapshot and then monitors your installation and once it is completed, it creates a separate package of that particular installation in such a way that it can work even when used over another computer i.e. Packs all required DLL etc into one place. This way you keep your App settings & data consistent between your computers.

Before you start assuming, this app only creates virtual apps which you need to move to Dropbox Manually. So you can create a folder  and name it as My Apps and start dropping every portable app you create inside it.

Steps to create the portable app :

Cameyo Aplication Virtualization

Creating the Virtualized  / Portable App :

  • Download the software from here. It does not need any installation.
  • Launch the App and it will take snapshot of your installation.
  • Install the software and it will monitor in background.
  • Then it takes the Post Installation Snapshot
  • Once the above step is complete it will create a new executable file which can run independently.

PS : It might take quite sometime depending on your installation and size of system. So be patient while it takes the snapshot.

Configuring :

Found it a bit odd but the virtualized application aren’t added to a central location from where it can be launched. So next step is move the app to your Dropbox Folder. Also make sure to copy the Cameyo Software into the same folder so you can configure it from anywhere.

Cameyo in Dropbox

So Cameyo should be used only when you need to create a portable app or if you want to edit some configuration of an existing app.

This also means you can use it on a shared folder over a network and even on a USB drive.

Updating Settings :

Once you have moved the app to Dropbox and want to change few settings, Launch Cameyo and use the Edit Existing Package Option.

You will have to browse and open the virtualized app you created in the first step. Then you get option to change the following things :

  • Starup Path
  • Isolation Mode i.e. If the app can change anything on a computer where you are using it.
  • Data Storage : You can choose between Hard Disk, Dropbox or USB. Best is to select default so it takes the path from wherever you run it.
  • You can edit registry values which is isolated to that app only.
  • You can configure to clean up registry settings when you exit the app. This useful if you do not want any geek to find if the app was used.
  • You can even set expiration date after which the app will be useless. Awesome for trail mode.
Package Editor for Portable Apps

Video Demo : ( Watch on YouTube )


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