Copy Folders to Dropbox with a Right Click

A couple of years ago, we used Dropbox Shell, an add-on for Dropbox, which allows you to copy or move a folder to Dropbox instantly. This feature was then officially rolled out by Dropbox late as Dropbox Folder Sync. Still, I don’t see the option Move for folders to Dropbox anymore. It is only available for individual files. So in this post, we will share how you can bring back the Move to Move or Copy Folders to Dropbox with a right-click.

Send to Dropbox Right Click

Copy Folders to Dropbox with a Right Click

We will use Send To Toys software for this. The most significant advantage of using it is that you can choose to Move or Copy folders. The first thing to do is install Send To Toys. Once done, you will need to Add Dropbox location as one of the options.

  • Type Control Panel in the Start menu, and launch the classic control panel when you find it
  • Click on Send To Toys option and check if Dropbox is available as an option.
  • If not then click on the Add button
  • Select the Dropbox folder and then click OK. You can also choose one of the subfolders if you wish to.
  • You should see Dropbox link added as one of the options
  • Next, right-click on any folder, and then use Send to Dropbox

Copy Folders to Dropbox

It will only copy files to Dropbox, but will not move it. So if you want to do that, choose the Folder option from the menu. You can then navigate to Dropbox Folder, and select Move to option.

Any time you move a big size folder, make use selective syncing. If you don’t want the folder to be available on all devices, but still on Dropbox, use this feature. Here you can decide which folders should be synchronized.  That way, you do not need to download all files to all devices.

To achieve the same feature without software, you can manually add the Dropbox Shortcut to Send To Folder.

  • Go to %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo
  • Right-click on it, and then create a new shortcut.
  • Point to the Dropbox folder

Post this, when you right-click on any folder or file and choose SendTo, you should see Dropbox.

While it is easy to use this, I would suggest using Send to Toys for a better experience.


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