Dropbox Shell : Copy / Move files to DropBox Folders Like Send To

DropBox Shell is a Dropbox add-on which adds a right-click context menu making it easier for you to send files or folders to either Public Folder or to one of the folders inside Dropbox something which DropBox Folder Sync add-on was missing. . Once you install the Software from here, right-click on any folder or file and you will get an option under menu DropBox.

Any time you move a big size folder which will take time to upload and toll on your bandwidth, you can pause the syncing with just a right-click or use selective syncing where you can decide which folders should be synced.  This feature helps you keep all required files in Dropbox folder and makes sure you don’t reach your Dropbox Storage limit.

Download Dropbox Shell ( This is no more available ). We will suggest to use DropBox Folder Sync

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