Install Dropbox using Soluto for your Family & Get 500MB Space Each

Soluto is one of the most trusted service to make your PC response faster, you can read about them here in detail so I can stay in topic. Now one of the features of Soluto lets you manage multiple PC, analyze whats on the computer, Spot Hardware issues and even install updates. This is extremely useful, specially if you want to manage all these things for your kids.

Now according to one of their blog posts which we missed, they have made a deal with Dropbox, where if you install Dropbox using Soluto on a different computer, you can earn 500 MB space.

Dropbox Installation using Soluto

However, make sure the account installed on the other computer is new to Dropbox and it is done via your referral link. The referral link has to be placed when you are on the creation page. A total of 32Gb of space can be gained using this method.

In case your friend is new to Dropbox, make sure they read out hands on guide to Dropbox.

Steps to follow :

  1. Login to your Soluto Account and install it on your PC. You will need to Install Soluto to the other pc or any pc where you intend to install Dropbox and also manage that computer.
  2. Now First select the PC and then Go to the Application List and search Dropbox.
  3. Choose to install and there you will need to register an account with dropbox. You can create this on the computer owners behalf but make sure to use your referal link.
  4. One the target computer is turned on and connected to Internet, Soluto installed on that machine will start installing it.

Just make sure to tell your partner to use the same email id when he or she logins to the desktop client for Dropbox. This will complete the process.


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