DropBox Vs Box.Net – Two Online Collaboration and File Sharing Giants Compared

Well I wrote a post on Dropbox Giveaway and Features, and via the comments on that post I came to know about Box, a similar kind of service, wanted to try out Box, but unfortunately even the trial for the Box needs a credit card, and I don’t have one, so I could not try it out personally but based on the introduction and information on the homepage of Box, I tried to compare it with Dropbox, so here is the comparison in tabular form.

Restrictions on file type Upload/ShareNo-restrictionNo-restriction
Access from anywhereYesYes
Collaborate with anyoneYesYes
Edit documents and photos onlineNo (Editing requires download and upload after editing)Yes
Keep a safe copy / BackupBackup is not available but, a restore facility is there, even if u delete the file by mistake you can restore it backAvailable
UploadingNormal uploading feature, by browsing the file from storage media.Uploading via E-mail is also available, simply e-mail the file.
PublishingYou can generate public link for any file from Desktop or Online.You can host your photos and other files on Box
Multiple file uploadSupported, simply drag n drop.Supported, simply drag n drop.
Embeddable codeNo such facilityProvided, can be used for hosting files.
Sharing LimitRight now in Beta, according to proposed plan, after release Beta user will continue to enjoy it for Free, whereas only 1GB of space will be available for Free users, and there will be tiered paid options.3 Tiered options (Lite, Individual and Business) available, Lite version is free and 14 days trial can be taken, for other versions if you can provide the credit card details
File Size limitAs such no file size limit is imposed, but uploading large files is obviously cumbersome, however 2 uploaders are available which make handling of large files a bit smooth..10Mb for Lite and 1GB each for Individual and Business.
Custom Branding (Ability to add your logo on pages seen by your sub-users) Not availableAvailable for Business version.

From the above table its quite clear that superiority of one over other depends more upon the kind of user you are, its like basic and general sharing is pretty convenient with Dropbox, whereas very professional kind of requirements can be fulfilled by Box.

The need of credit card details even for trial version of paid options of Box, is heart breaking, I think the Box team should give it a thought (A free version is available). So which one of these meets your needs, which one do you like, feel free to Share your thoughts