Dual Maps : Combining power of Google Maps, Street View and Microsoft Virtual Earth

How many times you had used Google maps and wished to have the real view to get more idea and how many times you had use Microsoft’s Virtual Earth and thought if you can combine google’s street view or see overlay map like google maps.

The idea here is combining what humans can precept well and also what they can map well and this is what Dual Maps is doing. This is a project which combines Google Maps, Google Street View and Microsoft Virtual Earth into one embeddable control.

This gives you 3 ideas in one shot. You not only draw a map in your head but also visualize how the turns are, which buildings are nearby extra.

You can also create your own Map using this tool where you can  view Google Search results in Street View and  there is an option to supply an address instead of co-ordinates to generate a Dual Map.

Here an example of a sample map : http://data.mashedworld.com/dualmaps/map.htm.  So what are you waiting for ? Create a sample of your next party and send it to all your friends to impress them.


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