Dual Monitor Tools : Make the most of your multiple monitors

Working on two monitors for many of us increases our productivity, but with that, many other things show up, and you feel like if you had something to manage this too. Dual Monitor Tools are set of application which helps you make the most of your multiple monitor scenario.

Working with Two Monitors

Here is the list :

Dual Snap: Take a snapshot of the primary screen and display it on the other. This is the perfect solution when you want to compare for any change. I have not seen even the best screen capturing tools supporting this kind of feature.

DisMon and DisMon7: Playing a game where your mouse always moves to the other screen? DisMon helps you in this by disabling one of the monitors temporarily and lets you play in peace.

Dual Wallpaper: Want the same wallpaper to extend in all the monitors? This is perfect solution. You can stretch, zoom but still maintains the aspect ratio. If you are looking for Dual or Multi-monitor wallpaper, we have a set of excellent packs here.

Swap Screen: This is what I find the most useful one. Most of the time, some applications you want to work on are on a different screen, and you want to get it closer to your laptop screen, so all you do is dragging, but with Swap Screen, you can exchange the screen. You can also use Monitor Switch to send applications between.

Download Dual Monitor Tools


  1. Dual Monitor Tools is so obsolete and dysfunctional… nothing worse than DMT not seen… But, as far I remember it free..

    I bought Actual Multiple Monitors and using it about 2 years… and it its the best tools to manage multiple monitors at present days.


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