Duplicate, Merge and Detach Firefox Tabs with Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s get to the point. We all use tabs in Firefox, but you cannot actually do anything much with it except you can open a new one or duplicate it using a mouse. What if you can do the following also:-

  1. Duplicate a tab with a keyboard shortcut and open it right next to the window you want.
  2. Merge Tabs, which is another window of Firefox browser with the last active window
  3. Detach or move a particular tab to a new window of Firefox

Sounds good, right? And I can bet this will increase your productivity with Firefox too. You can do all of these with this Firefox extension called Duplicate Tab (Also works in Sea Monkey). Here is a small video. I used a mouse, but you can do it with the keyboard as well.

So now, if you are convinced enough, go and get the Duplicate Tabs


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