Easiest way to create pages in HTML: Fresh HTML

Fresh HTML is a free application which allows you to create HTML pages on the fly and then you can get HTML code for pages using a WYSIWYG editor; it has almost every page element you will ever need to create a HTML page, including the multimedia options.

Here is the snapshot of Free HTML –

You will get to see to panels and 1 editor, these panels can be relocated, and they have buttons, characters and options to add videos, images etc. you can design a page using whatever you need, and later, click on the HTML Code tab to get the HTML code for same. All the elements can be customized as per your requirement before you add them on your page.

If you want to test what is this page going to look like in your browser, simply click on ‘Tools’ to get the ‘Preview in Browser’ option.

This tool is damn useful for people like me, who don’t know much about HTML but still want to add some tables and such kind of stuff in their posts.

Give it a try; you will love the ease of use in this application.

Download Fresh HTML


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