Edit Cut compressed MP3 files with mp3DirectCut

When it comes to Parties and bashes playing out one simple song doesn’t work and that’s the reason we hire DJ but if that is getting costly for you how about editing the MP3 files on your computer and then change volume, add fade and stuff like that to make it a completely different experience.

mp3DirectCut is an excellent audio editor which can act as editor and recorder for your mp3 files. You can directly cut, copy, paste or change the volume with no need to decompress your files for audio editing.So you save lot of time by skipiing the time you might have spent on encoding and decoding.

Mp 3 Cutter
Compressed Mp 3 Editor

Features of mp3DirectCut as seen on the developers site :

  • Volume change, fade, normalize, pause detection
  • mp3 recording with ACM or Lame encoder
  • Fast mp3 visualisation and easy navigation
  • Supports Layer 2 (dvd/dvb audio)
  • ID3v1.1 tag editor · ID3v2 tag keeping
  • Cue Sheet support
  • Auto cue (track dividing by time values)
  • Track splitting with filename and tag creation
  • Trim · Crop · Fast play · Loop play
  • VU meter, bitrate visualisation
  • High speed recorder · Command line usage

Download it from here

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