Electronic Cigarette : The Future of Smoking ?

Smoking causes so much of problems both because of the tobacco with 400 harmful chemicals inside and the smoke exhaled affects others people due to passive smoking.  But there is one company which is trying to change things and introducing what is called as Electronic Cigarette which according to their stats :

  • Does not cause Lung Cancer as no carcinogenic product here.The refills contain just nicotine and propylene glycol, there is no tobacco. You just have to change refills and charge the battery.
  • There is no Tar i.e. the product which gets deposited on lungs
  • When you exhale it produces vapor which is not harmful for people around you.
  • Saves you from bad breadth and stained teeth due to smoking.

Electronic cigarette runs on battery and does not have carcinogenic product inside

This is what exactly it looks like. One of the interesting stats shows that this cigarette can save money also. Well it will depend on the place and smoking habit. Particularly in Asian countries where cigarette is so cheap this might not work out.

However One thing I find good is people who cant quit smoking will be benefited by this. This can be a good alternative. Its less harmful.

It has a lithium rechargeable battery inside the top part of the cigarette.  It lasts around for around 30-60 ‘smoking’ sessions or 300-600 mouthfuls, depending on personal smoking habits. This can be refilled and reused again. It costs around 39 pounds.

I am really amazed with this product. Electronic smoking is something like I could have never imagined in my life. This does sound promising but will be it be a successful product.  Will this kind of product appeal to you ? Do share with us in comment and you check out this electronic cigarette @ MyVIc

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  1. Wait, so, does it have tobacco? Half of my family smokes, so this interests me.

    Sucking on lithium ion doesn’t sound too safe either.

  2. To Sky,

    The refills contain just nicotine and propylene glycol, there is no tobacco. You just have to change refills and charge the battery.

    The product is drastically healthier than traditional smoking.

  3. Hello Everyone!

    My name is David and untill a few days ago I used to smoke 2 packs a day. I have tried, like many others, to quit for years. I have tried everything in the market, gums, paches, even chantix. However I must say that nothing comes close to the eCigarette. It is so easy to quit with it. The whole point is you just keep smoking! The eCigarette dosen’t contiain any tabbacoo or tar, which means it is a lot less harmful then an old fastion cigarette.

    On top of everything, since the eCigarette is non flameable and contains no tabbaco there is no laws that phorhibed its use anywhere. You can smoke it whereever you want, at the mall, the airport, your office, at home, anywhere at all!

  4. This eCigarette calls my attention! I’m a regular smoker for many years (1 pack cigerettes a day), I tryed several methods already to quit smoking .
    I am portuguese and I wonder if this eCigarette is available in Portugal.

  5. I recommend and encourage people not to waste any time if they are considering an alternative smoking into helping them to quit smoking. Electronic cigarettes has helped me greatly to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes which is extremely harmful to your overall health. With over 4000 chemical compounds created by burning a cigarette with various toxins and carcinogens that is cancer causing. Compared to an electronic cigarette which has no tobacco, 0 carcinogens or toxins that is no risk to your health, it contains 99% water and 1 percent nicotine which can be addicting but not harmful. Please make the right choice for yourself and for others. Think Right & Be Safe!

  6. This phenomenal electronic cig is one of the best thing that they invented. Studies have shown that an electronic cigarette is a much safer alternative smoking product that delivers 99% water vapor & 1% nicotine, which is harmless to your health sinse your only Vaping & Not smoking! When you smoke electronic cig you will feel/taste like your smoking the same thing but the only difference when you smoke electronic cig your breath does’nt smell anything, its odorless, you can smoke everywhere,much cheaper, and alot more!:) so if i were you i will definitely try it because your not gonna regret this

  7. Hey Everybody

    Started smoking when I was 14yrs old in in 1981 one. I could actually walk into a Rite Aide and purchase a pack, no questions asked. Of course all that’s changed now, but I tried to quit. Just couldn’t do, no patches, gum, lozenge worked at all. They were dismal failure. I thought there was something wrong with me (there wasn’t). These products suck! They have a success rate (if the literature is to be believed) of around 5%! Suppose your car started 5% of the time when you tried to drive somewhere!

    Now, as I type this, I’m taking a huge hit of vapor off of a 510. I smoked a pack a day for nearly 40 years (I’m 43). I still get my fix, but I never touch analogs now! Do your lungs a favor, get the e-cig NOW!

    P.S. get your e-cig from a reputable vendor, don’t even think about getting it from some mall. Do your research…. you’ll be glad you did! This is life saving technology, so long analogs, hello vaping!

  8. Hello guys,
    The feature of E-cigarettes is very bright because lot of organizations approved that it’s much healthier then a tobacco smoking. But there is another problem that some companies e-cigarette are not good for health because they still used lot of chemical in e-cigarettes which is very bad, I have my personal experience, I try few companies e-cigs and from them mostly have problems like nicotine leakage, Battery timing problem and used of some unhealthier chemical. After a lot of trouble I found a Brand jasper and jasper I m using it from last few months till now I haven’t finds any problem in it. If anyone else try it or know about a better brand they please let me know me as soon as possible.

  9. “When it comes to the future of e-cig, I’ll say that yes e-cig will go long. E-cigs are being considered the healthiest alternative to conventional cigarettes. It contains no tar no tobacco stuff.
    When comparing both, an e-cig and paper cigarette, common sense says that instead of preferring 4000+ chemicals one should go for one or few of them. Paper ciggy contains 4000 chemicals and e-cig comprises of only nicotine. The product which is much healthier and beneficial would definitely have a prosperous future.
    When we talk about e-cigs, we can’t forget mentioning jasper and jasper e-cigarette. What promised it been delivered.
    It’s worth it….!!!!!!!”

  10. hey guys i use a gamucci micro and i have smoked a real cigarette since it really is the best thing since sliced bread i would reccomend it to anyone!


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