Emoticons on Steroids : My Face When

If you are involved much into chatting, and love to use emoticons, here is a new way to express yourself and drop off the “so 90”  types Emoticons.  My Face when is an online site which has loads of humorous snapshots of faces which which many people made when, You know !!

My Face Was Then

My Face Was Then

In order to use these faces as emoticons, you can either click the thumbnail to open the page, copy the URL and send, or simply right click on any face and ‘Copy link location’ and send the link. If you are chatting on Yahoo! Messenger, you can click on the ‘View Image’, and paste the link in chat, so it shows the image in the chat window itself, as it immediately enables photo sharing, as shown below.

Emoticons in yahoo chat with MyFaceWhen

So, if you want to use this new way of expressing yourself, go ahead and check out MyFaceWhen.com now.

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