Enable DNA to increase uTorrent Download Speed

DNA in uTorrent is a service from BitTorrent which helps you increasing  utorrent download speed. The technique used is very simple, it accelerates by downloading in parallel from multiple sources and for a shorter period instead of using the same source for longer time.

The advantage you get switching source is load on one source is reduced and its more distributed which reduced the bottleneck. Of course the number of seeds are still one reason.

DNA service makes most of the peer-to-peer service as it exchanges data with others i.e. if you gave data A and your peer has data b and you  both need what you done have, an exchange is made.

First You need to get the DNA Clinet which is a separate installation from BitTorrent client. I am using uTorrent Alpha.

Second you need to enable DNA in the uTorrent client.

  • Go to Options > Preferences > DNA
  • Check the option which says Enable DNA Powered Downloads.
  • You can also get an alert when a DNA powered downloads is included

uTorrent DNA

Note :

Not every content you download is DNA powered. Only content which has used DNA technology to distribute and are getting downloaded by the client can make use of it. You can read more about DNA Service in their FAQ to get clear ideas and queries you might have.

How to make your own DNA Accelerated Content ?

BitTorrent has an online utility which lets you create a DNA Accelerated Content if your content which could be file, media etc can be accessed by using a url.

Bittorrent DNA Online

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  1. I have the latest version of uTorrent 2.2 and after installing the DNA client, there is nothing to click in my preferences for DNA….did I do something wrong?

  2. Yeah, same here. No DNA option in uTorrent preferences menu. Perhaps it’s only available in the uTorrent 3 alpha?

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