Enable Mouse Gesture navigation in Firefox [Free Add-on]

Ever thought of using the mouse gestures to control or navigate while working on your Firefox browser. If yes, here is a Firefox add-on, named as FireGestures.

Simply, install the FireGestures  like any other add-on, later click on the ‘Add-ons’ under the Tools tab, and click on the ‘Options’ in FireGestures. Here you can get to know about the scripts, i.e. the mouse gestures which are ready to use after installing this add-on.

Free Firefox add-on to enable mouse gestures in firefox

The letters (shown under ‘Gesture’), i.e. L, R, U, and D, mean Left, Right, Up and Down. For example, ‘DRU’ indicates drawing a gesture, first towards Down, then right and finally to towards up.

There are couples of other settings which can be used to customize the FireGestures as per your choice.

Enable mouse gestures in Firefox options

Here is small animation which shows the working of FireGestures, have a look –

Enable Mouse gestures in Firefox

So, go ahead and use this add-on, this is pretty cool for anyone who likes doing things in style.

Install FireGestures

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